Client:Fox Creek Fitness
Date:June 07, 2012

Full-Range Content Production

  • Rope exercise at Fox Creek FitnessFox Creek Fitness is a small business in Longmont, Colorado that offers kickboxing and bootcamp style workouts, as well as specialized children’s classes focused on developing life skills and physical abilities.

    The owners were looking to establish themselves on the web and to boost search results for their budding fitness classes. We discussed the elements of the business that needed to be highlighted and developed a plan to create a new website that leveraged all original content, including live-action images and video from actual classes.

    A brief promotional video was shot and produced for the homepage, Facebook page and YouTube channel with the goal of improving search results and providing an effective explanation of classes. The video was supplemented with still images from the classes. Quality staff portraits were also created to emphasize the branding of the business.

    The entire project was planned, produced, and published in just a few months.

  • Rope exercise at Fox Creek Fitness

      • Nikon DSLR, various lenses, and studio lighting
      • Sony EX-1R HD Camera
      • Wireless Microphones
      • Nikon DSLR for b-roll
      • Final Cut Pro
      • Adobe Creative Suite
      • WordPress